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  • We are members of the Bussiness Association "Asociación de Jóvenes Empresarios de Málaga" (AJE) as well as the Confederation of Employers of Málaga (CEM).

  • Our values are confidentiality, responsibility, respect, trust and a job well do.

  • We cover all areas of business and strategic sectors of the Spanish economy.

  • We got all kinds of grants and subsidies for self-employed persons and companies.

Castillo & Financial Associates.

We are members of the Bussiness Association Asociación de Jóvenes Empresarios de Málaga (AJE) as well as the Confederation of Employers of Málaga (CEM).


Since November 2015 we are the new Factoo delegation in Málaga.

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Our clients are COMPANIES of different sizes which operate in various sectors. They have in common the search for management optimization to release time and resources, which will allow them to produce profitability thanks to a greater commitment to their core business.

We cover all areas of business and strategic sectors of the Spanish economy. In addition, we have great experience in non-resident companies which have subsidiaries in Spain and are shipped in large processes of expansion.

Due to the fact that our office is located on the Costa del Sol, we take the financial management of a wide variety of companies located in different countries of the European Union with subsidiaries in Spain and the rest of the world.


ICO credits: Your ICO Financial Facilitator. Financing for companies - Consult

  We put at your disposal a specialised and experienced financial consultant that will PERSONALLY defend the approval of your operation directly in the ICO (Institute of Official Credits).

With Castillo & Financial Associates you will know firsthand all aids, loans and credits which offer all the state, regional, local and European public agencies. We work directly and in constant contact with ICO, EIB, ENISA, IGAPE, CDTI, and all the public institutes of Finance.

ICO Credits: Get quick funding and liquidity with the new lines of direct ICO loans.

  Castillo & Financial Associates, as being an independent commercial agent, willl work with any financial entities, both Spanish and foreign ones, that operate in our market: banks, savings banks, credit unions, mutual guarantee societies, venture capital, official organisms, etc.

Financial Services that Castillo & Financial Associates offers its customers:

Financial Management
Corporate Finance-debt management
Search and granting of subsidies.
ICO funding lines
Accounting services and administration management
Tax advisory
Liquidity management and risks
Corporate finances
Company assessment
Billing without being self-employed


The testimonies of our clients back us. These are some of them:

  • Hostal Sol y Miel

    Mr. Diego Spadoni:

    "Castillo & Financial Associates are providing us with an excellent service. Because of their professionalism and personal involvement are ahead of the needs that our company will have and, as a real External Finance Department, it enables our team to focus on the essencial and appropriate tasks of our business with confidence, taking into account that the financial issue is satisfactorily resolved".

    Franquiciadora de gazpacheria S.L.

    Wholesale food producer company. Manager Mr. Rafael de Aquino Ruiz:

    "Castillo & Financial Associates enabled our expansion thanks to its interaction with the domestic banks La Caixa and Banco Popular Group in order to get business financing necessary to expand our product throughout the national territory".

  • Torreciprea S.A.

    Patrimonial company with assets exceeding 48 million euros. Manager Mr. Jaime de la Torriente Gallo:

    "Castillo & Financial Associates has improved our banking pool putting us with better financial conditions both in our liability and asset products. We managed to reduce our financial expenses over 10,000 euros this year. A great example to optimize our resources".

    Zarjim restauracion S.L.

    First franchisée of the chain of restaurants MATAHAMBRE. Client since the early 2010. Mr. Francisco Zaragoza, managing and co-owner member of the company:

    "Thanks to the involvement of Castillo & Financial Associates we have professionalised the financial direction of our business, which, due to its continued growth, was absolutely necessary".

  • AEDE business school S.L.

    One of the main business schools in Madrid and Spain, specialised in postgraduate courses for qualified professionals. Mr. Fernando José Martínez, manager and partner of the business school:

    "Castillo & Financial Associates helped us to seek new lines of financing in order to expand our services and attract new customers and collaborators"

    Kubik Global S.L.

    Pioneering company of photovoltaic energy and investment. Mr. Alvaro García de la Borbolla, managing director and co-owner:

    "Castillo & Financial Associates is the perfect intermediary to our customers, suppliers and banks. Our day to day is managed and optimised by the firm and its independent status assures us a better external financial direction result, which is an indispensable service for SMEs which do not have a financial worker among its workforce".

  • Luminel Instalaciones S.L.

    Electrical installation and energy consulting. Mr. Javier Serra, member and managing director:

    "From the beginning of our collaboration with Castillo & Financial Associates, it has resulted in a lack of problems which have led to a better management of our time. Since being Luminel a company formed by industrial engineers, the financial division was poorly managed".

    Benalhoue S.L.

    Real estate services on the Costa del Sol. Mr. Miguel Hidalgo Greene, member and managing director:

    "The reordering of our banking pool made by Castillo & Financial Associates has allowed us to go on with our activity in this period of crisis. Thanks to an orderly planning we have seen how our competitors were closing whereas we were keeping their market share".

  • Productos Doblado Torres S.L.

    Mr. Juan Diego Doblado, managing director:

    "Castillo & Financial Associates are responsible for the finance, accounting, fiscal and administration areas of Productos Doblado Torres SL. Along this period, I would highlight flexibility as one of its most important qualities. They have been able to adapt themselves to the evolution of our necessities, growing over time".

    Torriente San Salvador S.L.

    Mr. Jaime de la Torriente, gerente:

    "Similarly to what happened to Torreciprea S.A, Castillo & Financial Associates has successfully reduced our finance expenses 25 percent as having externalised the finance direction of the group and restructured our banking pool. During these four years, the management has been just excellent".


Visit us

Castillo & Asociados S,L.
C/ Séneca S/N, local 2, Málaga, Spain
Tfnos: (+34) 951 150 518 / (+34) 653 841 200


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